Snowshoe Hiking

Nothing breaks the silence except for the crunch of snow beneath your feet. Channel the spirit of a true alpine pioneer as you cross wide expanses of unspoilt terrain. On the outskirts of the village, on high plateaus and close to mountain summits, discover exciting snowshoe hikes for every fitness level.

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Snowshoe hiking in Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg means:

  • Proximity to nature – our well-signposted trails take you right into the heart of an untouched winter wonderland.
  • Silence to regenerate – away from the busy pistes, there’s a tranquillity that lets you forget everyday life.
  • Flexible tours – newcomers to the sport will also find technically easy snowshoe trails.
  • Great combinations – snowshoe hiking can be easily combined with a fondue feast or other activities.

Start of the Snowshoe Hiking Season

Find out here which snowshoe hiking trails are open in Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg. 

Top 5 Winter Hikes

From a walk to stretch your legs to a breathtaking high-alpine tour, here are our favourite winter hikes. Now everyone can enjoy peaceful moments in a fairytale winter wonderland.

WinterLove Trail

No wonder our motto #FeelTheLove fits so well with wanderlust – with views like these, your spirit soars from deep within. With its six info points between Sillerenbühl and Geils, this themed trail focuses strongly on a love of the mountains. Winter hiking in Adelboden is good for your body and your soul.

Sunnbüel to the Gemmi Pass

Historical milestones are the order of the day in Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg – something evident on this snowy adventure. The ancient trade route over the mountains and linking the cantons of Berne and Valais is a good example of the region’s long association with travel. This hike to the Gemmi Pass is a moderately difficult classic that takes you above Kandersteg and up to 2322 m (7618 feet) above sea level.

Hörnliweg to Adelboden village

Not all winter hikes have to be high in the sky. In this case, the charm of winter hiking can be enjoyed much closer to the village – and you don't have to forego the spectacular views either. Snow-covered forests and a breathtaking view of the upper valley make this two-hour circular hike starting in the centre of town a definite favourite.

Höchst to Metschalp

How about a short hike suitable for the whole family? In Adelboden-Lenk-Kandersteg, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the valleys, but there are also attractive paths high above Frutigen. This 90-minute hike offers views across to the Niesen mountains and the Engstligtal Valley, including animal tracks in the snow and sun-drenched wooden benches to rest a while. 


Tranquillity, relaxation and wildly romantic landscapes are guaranteed by the water – and the riverbanks of the Bernese Oberland are always worth a visit in the winter months too. This 1-hour winter hiking trail from the village of Kiental is a case in point. With no significant climbs or descents, this pathway follows the course of the River Kiene.

Winter hike Pochten - More
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Winter hike Pochten
Winter Hiking
50 min
3,2 km
38 hm

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Important notes

Some of our snowshoe hikes include areas at risk from avalanches, so check the current snow conditions before heading out. We accept no liability for damage or injury when using the hiking trails listed on our website.